Thursday, February 9, 2012 is down but coming back soon! is having some really serious problems at the moment with their hardware. As such, people searching for the site are being sent to a few strange places, one of which is my blog. To help explain what's going on if you are such a person, here's a quick repost of a message Lissana left on

I'm saddened by all of this, as I remain a massive fan of the site, as it has been an incredible source of druid information, even before I added my personal flavour to the posts. I join a large group of fans who hope that the site will be back up as soon as possible...


Hey everyone! Lissanna here. We usually try to keep things on this site podcast related, but I figured I would make one exception here today.

As some of you may have noticed, my blog ( is down. I wanted to let you guys know that Restokin will be coming back in the “near future” once we fix the problem “soon”. I’m still here and still committed to the community. I swear I haven’t abandoned you!

I’ll explain more once we get the website up and running, but since I’ve been constrained mostly to twitter, it’s been hard to express what is taking so long. Restokin is self-hosted by my husband and I, and we were trying to fix a small problem on Sunday night. However, a series of unexpected and somewhat catastropic errors (not necessarily all our fault) led to the entire server being brought down in a way that is hard for me to explain (because I don’t do the programming for anything), and hard for people who do understand techy stuff to actually fix. When I say that our server exploded, it’s actually not that far from the truth other than the fact that the actual hardware didn’t burst into flames (though it’s the software equivalent of that).

Every time we are close to getting the site back up, something unexpected and bad happens that causes further delays. While we know how to prevent the problem in the future (such as needing to store more frequent backups on our computer hard drive more often instead of a partition on the server), that knowledge doesn’t bring a whole lot of peace of mind to me as I stress over having my website down. People have offered to help, but at this point, there isn’t anything anyone can do other than my husband needing the weekend to be able to dedicate time to (figuratively) glue back together the pieces of the website.

My current estimate of time for the site coming back up is this weekend some time. However, as with all ETAs you get from Blizzard, they actually have employees they can pay to fix stuff and we don’t, so at this point, the only ETA I have is that we really have no ETA. It breaks my heart to not be able to bring you fun druidy content.

Keep in mind that both my healing guide and my leveling guide are up on the official WOW forums as stickies, and that my leveling guide is also available on wowhead.

I’m really sorry & feel terribly awful about the site being down for so long. I look forward to getting it back up and running so I can bring you more druidy goodness. The Team Waffle Podcast isn’t effected by my personal blog being down, since they are hosted in different places (thank Elune), so you will still have all the waffle goodness Bear roundtable this Friday evening!