Monday, August 15, 2011

Bear tanking Baleroc

So, all of our Baleroc kills so far had our DK tank solo tanking it, with me using some good old feral hax to get silly stacks from shards of torment (kitty spec with natural reaction + perseverance for spell dmg reduction).

However, with a change in our tanking lineup, and my new pally tank being a highly experienced ret pally, it became time for me to accept that when it comes to 1 tank fights, it's going to be me. Hey, I don't mind, I love my bear - it was honestly a pain in the ass reforging and re-enchanting twice every week because of just one fight.

Here's why bears beat any other tank for Baleroc :

(1) Lower HP. Decimation blade slices off 90% of your HP, and you need to get healed over 90% before the next one hits, or you die. Less HP means that 90% is less, so healers have to heal less to keep you alive.

(2) Silly amounts of dodge. If decimation blade is dodged, it does nothing, and healers overheal with their massive heals they had timed to go off right after it hits. Sucks to be the healers, good fun to see *dodged* show up over and over.

(3) Frenzied Regen (glyphed) for Decimation. Sooner or later, it'll hit. RNG is never 100%. When it does, pop FR for 30% increased healing taken. What, more overheals? Sorry healers, I can't hear you over the sound of me not dying.

And some letter points :

(1) Savage Defence. Blaze of Glory buffs SD absorbs, so we scale nicely with the extra HP now. Then again, Death Strike scales with DMG taken, as does block.

(2) LOTP self-heal. It doesn't seem like much, but since it's a % of health, every 6s. This scales nicely with the extra HP. Combined with the SD scaling, I was just under the 3rd healer on healing+absorbs.

I'm still wondering what are the best trinkets for this fight. I did it with Bedrock Talisman (thinking dodge proc right after a Decimation blade = perfect timing), and Mirror of Broken images, macrod into barkskin, for inferno blades.

I wonder, however, if Fluid Death would be better than Bedrock. The dodge proc is fairly small, all things considered, and Fluid Death's silly amounts of Agi (plus dodge, once reforged), would give me a better chance of the first Decimation Blade never hitting in the first place.

Anyway, short version, bears rock this fight.

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