Monday, April 11, 2011

Nef on 13%

Last week we had him on 37%, last night our best attempt was 13%. We're getting there for sure. The only question is why don't we have the kill now.

The next idea I have is changing our bloodlust from 30% (the idea being it boosts "execute" abilities), back to using it early in P3. That 37% wipe was without me resetting the adds even once. If we get to 37% and reset, nef will be on say 30% when adds come back up, and then more than enough time to kill before I die... hopefully.

159 wipes and counting...


  1. As long as you stay alive until the last crackle it should be fine. We had loads of kills where Lor has died from the last crackle and the healers have blown raid cooldowns to keep us alive for a kill before Lor learned how to reset properly. We even have a procedure in place to deal with it :P Urg pops AotD to keep the adds entertained while we nuke.

  2. That strat is specific to your group. We don't have a DPS DK. Perhaps a ring of frost will do the job, if no one aoes...