Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well as I said, we're currently working on Nef, and after some extreme wiping, we've made our way into P3. As always, it hasn't been without it's share of laughs.

I learned from Stoneybaby in Big Crits : GM abuse is good for morale. A good tact and a good team is one thing, but if they're not motivated, they're never going to be focused enough to get the job done. So I take the hits, I wear a pink dress, I endure wave after wave of pedobear jokes, because I know it's all harmless fun, and it keeps people motivated :)

I'm not the only one that takes the hits, however. When we first attempted Nef, none of us had read tacts, and we had time for one "ok what the hell why not" pull before the end of the night. My DK tank decided he was going to give us a strat rundown anyway. Halfway through his speech, he said something about tanking "onohksia". Everyone went "lolwut?". "You know, Nefarian's sister". "Dude, it's pronounced 'Onyxia'". This went back and forth for a while, until we decided to just leave him be.

So we click the orb, Nef does his speech, rises into the air, and says those immortal words :


The entire raid almost died laughing.


  1. "This went back and forth for a while, until we decided to just leave him be."

    this is a lie

  2. Hehe then you even said "onoxia" like 2 weeks later. I almost wet myself laughing.

  3. ill get my revenge, get you drunk and make you speak afrikaans